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Lip Fillers London

Lip Fillers at Queen of Beauty Clinic is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure designed to enhance the fullness and shape of your lips. Using advanced dermal fillers, our expert practitioners carefully sculpt the desired volume and contour, ensuring natural-looking results that complement your unique features.


  • Natural Aesthetics
  • Immediate Results and Minimal Downtime
  • Long-Lasting Effects with Safety in Mind

What is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation at Queen of Beauty Clinic is a sophisticated blend of art and medical science, designed to enhance your lips’ volume and shape through the strategic application of hyaluronic acid-based fillers, namely Juvederm and Stylage.


  • Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid-based filler, a substance naturally found in the body, known for its hydrating properties and smooth consistency. It integrates beautifully with the lip tissue, providing a soft and natural plumpness. Juvederm fillers are renowned for their long-lasting results and are a popular choice for those seeking a subtle yet noticeable enhancement.


  • Stylage, another hyaluronic acid filler, is designed specifically for the delicate lip area. It is unique due to its incorporation of antioxidants, which help protect the lips while offering rejuvenation and volume. Stylage fillers are tailored for creating precise lip contours and adding volume that complements your natural lip shape.


Our procedure is distinguished by a customized approach where we tailor the lip enhancement treatment to your unique facial structure and aesthetic desires. With an emphasis on creating a harmonious balance with your natural features, we utilize these premium fillers to achieve a look that’s both alluring and inherently you.


The application of the lip augmentation fillers is a quick, typically under-an-hour process, involving a series of carefully placed injections by our highly skilled clinicians. These experts in facial aesthetics use their in-depth knowledge of lip anatomy to distribute the filler evenly, ensuring smooth, symmetrical results.


Despite the quickness of the lip fillers procedure, the effects are anything but fleeting. You’ll see immediate improvements with a progressive enhancement over the following days as the fillers settle and integrate into your lip tissue. And while some minor swelling can occur, it is temporary and generally resolves swiftly, paving the way for your enhanced lips to shine through.


At Queen of Beauty Clinic, lip augmentation is more than a procedure—it’s a gateway to renewed self-confidence and the pleasure of owning a fuller, yet tastefully refined smile. Our commitment to your care extends beyond the clinic, with comprehensive follow-up and aftercare advice, ensuring that your experience is not only satisfactory but also exemplary in comfort and outcome.

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How it Works

Lip augmentation fillers is a process of injecting a gel-like substance, primarily composed of hyaluronic acid, directly into the lip tissue. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the skin that contributes to volume and hydration.


Once injected, the filler gel integrates into the lip tissue, where it attracts and binds to water molecules, increasing volume and creating a fuller appearance. The practitioner carefully places the filler to sculpt the lips to the desired shape and fullness, addressing concerns such as asymmetry, thinning lips, or a lack of definition.

The consistency of the lip filler is crucial for a natural feel and look; thus, products like Juvederm and Stylage are formulated to mimic the lip’s natural texture. These fillers also come in various densities, which allows practitioners to use a thicker filler for structure and a softer one for a plump, natural feel.





The procedure is dynamic, allowing the practitioner to add more filler as needed to achieve the desired result. It is a controlled and gradual process, ensuring that the outcome is proportionate and harmonious with the overall facial features.

The injected hyaluronic acid not only provides immediate volume but also stimulates collagen production over time, contributing to the lips’ fullness and firmness. The body gradually metabolizes the filler, with results typically lasting several months, after which the procedure can be repeated to maintain the effect.

This method of lip enhancement is favored for its ability to offer immediate results with minimal downtime, allowing practitioners to finely tune the lip shape in a way that is reversible and adjustable post-procedure.

Benefits of Augmented Lips

Lip augmentation offers a multitude of benefits that extend beyond the aesthetic pleasure of fuller lips. At Queen of Beauty Clinic, we ensure that our clients experience the full spectrum of advantages with our non-surgical lip augmentation fillers procedures:

Enhanced Volume and Definition

Our lip fillers provide an immediate increase in volume, giving you fuller, more voluptuous lips. This added volume also helps define the borders of your lips, providing a clearer and more youthful contour.

Balanced Facial Features

By carefully augmenting the lips, we can bring greater harmony to facial features. Fuller lips often balance the face and can make other features, such as the eyes and cheeks, appear more proportionate.

Customizable Results

Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic change, lip augmentation offers customizable results. You can choose the exact look you want, and our expert practitioners will work with you to achieve your desired outcome.

Anti-Aging Effects

As we age, our lips naturally lose volume and lines can form around the mouth. Lip augmentation can reverse these signs of aging by restoring volume and smoothing out fine lines, giving you a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Boosted Self-Confidence

The psychological benefit of lip enhancement is significant. Our clients often report a substantial boost in self-esteem and confidence following their treatment, as they feel more comfortable and satisfied with their appearance.

Minimal Downtime

Unlike surgical alternatives, the non-surgical lip filler requires no general anesthesia or lengthy recovery periods. Clients can return to their normal activities shortly after the procedure, making it a convenient option for those with busy lifestyles.

Safe and Reversible

With hyaluronic acid-based lip augmentation fillers such as Juvederm filler and Stylage, the procedure is reversible. If you’re not satisfied with the results or wish to return to your original lip shape, the process can be reversed with an enzyme called hyaluronidase.

Long-Lasting Results

While not permanent, the results of lip augmentation with dermal fillers can last from several months to a year, depending on the type of filler used and how your body metabolizes it.

Lip Enhancement at Queen of Beauty

At Queen of Beauty Clinic, our esteemed reputation in lip augmentation near me is built on a foundation of expertise with world-class dermal fillers, specifically Juvederm and Stylage. Our clinic is a beacon of excellence in the heart of London, where the confluence of medical precision and aesthetic artistry provides you with unparalleled service in lip fillers London.


Our practitioners are not merely skilled; they are connoisseurs of facial aesthetics, understanding the subtle nuances that transform a standard lip filler London treatment into a bespoke work of art. Juvederm fillers and Stylage are our fillers of choice due to their superior quality, longevity, and the natural look and feel they provide. Our clinicians have a deep understanding of the specific formulations within these brands, enabling them to select the perfect product to match your individual needs.


We offer a comprehensive range of techniques, each designed to cater to the diverse preferences and expectations of our clientele:


  • Russian Lips: This technique creates a heart-shaped look with added volume near the center of the lips, reflecting the iconic style often sought by Russian models.

  • Cherry Lips: A more subtle and playful enhancement, Cherry Lips focuses on a slight lift and contour to give the appearance of a youthful, cherry-like pout.

  • Dubai Lips: Catering to those seeking a more pronounced and sculpted augmentation, Dubai Lips provide a luxurious fullness with an emphasis on sharp definition.

  • Natural Technique: For clients who wish for understatement, our Natural Technique offers a modest increase in volume, preserving the inherent shape and texture of the lips.

  • One in a Million Lips: This bespoke service is entirely customized to create a signature look that is as unique as the individual receiving it.

  • Lips Hydration: Not all augmentations are about size; some clients prefer to focus on restoring hydration, giving their lips a smoother and more supple appearance.

  • Author’s Lips Treatments (Lips with Threads): Our clinic takes pride in these proprietary lip treatments, where our aesthetic vision and innovation come to the forefront, offering unique styles developed within our clinic. For those desiring precise contouring and definition, this advanced technique uses fine threads to shape the lips’ borders, providing a crisp, contoured look.

At Queen of Beauty, we do not just administer treatments, we craft experiences tailored to each individual’s desires and natural beauty. Our meticulous approach ensures that whether you are looking for subtle refinement or a striking transformation, your expectations will not only be met but exceeded. Your lips are a statement of your personality and style, and we are here to ensure they say exactly what you want them to, with results that are as effective and lasting as they are stunning.

How Much are Lip Fillers?

  • Russian Lips, Cherry Lips, Natural Technique:
    • Price Range: £130 – £260

Compared to other UK clinics, our pricing is competitive, reflecting our commitment to quality and affordability in lip augmentation cost.


  • Dubai Lips, One in a Million Lips:
    • Price Range: £140 – £290

Our clinic offers these specialized techniques at a value that balances the superior service and results you receive, often coming in below the higher end of the spectrum seen in UK lip fillers price averages.


  • Lips Hydration & Author’s Lips Treatments:
    • Fixed Price: £140

These treatments are priced to provide our clients with access to premium hydration and unique author’s techniques without the premium price tag, making lip augmentation price at our clinic a wise investment.


  • Lip Augmentation Filler with Juvederm or Stylage:
    • 0.5 ml: £170
    • 1 ml: £300

When asking how much are lip fillers, our clients find that our prices for top-tier products like Juvederm and Stylage are positioned to make high-quality lip fillers accessible.


Comparison with Other UK Clinics:


  • While lip fillers cost can vary greatly across the UK, Queen of Beauty Clinic remains at the forefront of providing exceptional value. Many clinics may charge upwards of £200 to £350 for 0.5 ml of similar quality fillers, and a full millilitre can often cost between £350 and £500.


  • The lip augmentation price reflects not just the product but the expertise and technique of the practitioner. At Queen of Beauty Clinic, you’re not only paying for the filler but for the artistry and customized care provided by our aesthetic experts.


  • Our lip fillers price point is set to ensure that clients are receiving the highest standards of care with products like Juvederm and Stylage, coupled with the advanced techniques we offer, all while remaining competitive with other high-end clinics in the UK.

Preparation and Aftercare for your Lip Augmentation Filler

Preparation for Lip Augmentation:


To prepare for a lip filler procedure, clients should follow certain guidelines to minimize any risks and ensure the best possible results:


  • Avoid Blood Thinners: A week prior, refrain from taking medication and supplements known to thin the blood, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and high doses of vitamin E, which can increase the risk of bruising.


  • Limit Certain Substances: It’s recommended to avoid alcohol and tobacco products at least 24-48 hours before the procedure, as they can exacerbate swelling and negatively impact the healing process.


  • Stay Hydrated: Ensure you are well-hydrated in the days leading up to your appointment, as this can help with recovery.


  • Inform Your Practitioner: Discuss any known allergies, skin conditions, or previous experiences with lip augmentation fillers, especially instances of bad lip fillers, to allow your practitioner to tailor the treatment appropriately.


  • Clear Schedule: Although lip augmentation typically involves minimal downtime, it’s wise to not have any major social or professional engagements immediately after the procedure.


Aftercare for Lip Augmentation:


Following your lip enhancement, proper aftercare is crucial to minimize the risk of complications, such as bad lip fillers or excessive lip augmentation swelling:


  • Cold Compress: Apply a cold compress to the lips intermittently for the first 24 hours to reduce swelling.


  • Avoid Strenuous Activity: For 24-48 hours post-procedure, avoid intense physical activity that may increase blood flow to the face and exacerbate swelling.


  • Stay Upright: Keep your head elevated, especially on the first night, to help reduce swelling.


  • Hydration: Continue to drink plenty of water post-procedure, as hydrated skin tends to heal better and also supports the hyaluronic acid in binding to water molecules in your lips.


  • Skip Makeup: Do not apply lip products or makeup to the treated area for at least 24 hours to prevent infection.


  • Follow Specific Instructions: Your practitioner may provide additional or specific guidelines tailored to your individual case, especially if you’ve had issues with bad lip fillers in the past.


  • Monitor for Adverse Effects: While some degree of swelling and bruising is normal, excessive swelling, signs of infection, or any concerns about the results should be reported to your practitioner immediately.

Step-by-Step for Lip Augmentation

  1. Consultation and Planning: Your lip augmentation journey at our Queen of Beauty Clinic, a premier destination for lip augmentation London, begins with a personalized consultation. Our expert clinicians discuss your aesthetic goals and evaluate your lip anatomy to create a customized treatment plan that suits your needs.


  1. Pre-Treatment Preparation: Prior to your procedure, we provide you with detailed instructions to prepare for your augmentation. This ensures you are ready for your treatment day, minimizing any potential for lip augmentation swelling.


  1. Numbing: On the day of your treatment, a topical numbing agent is applied to your lips to ensure maximum comfort during the procedure. This is an essential step to alleviate discomfort, making it a relaxed experience for those searching for lip fillers near me.


  1. Precise Filler Application: Our skilled practitioners proceed with the filler application using the latest techniques. Whether you are here for the Russian Lips, Cherry Lips, or our signature One in a Million Lips, we cater to those seeking exceptional lip fillers London.


  1. Immediate Aftercare: Post-procedure, we’ll provide you with aftercare advice to ensure optimal healing and results. As a top clinic for lip filler London, we ensure your experience doesn’t end when the procedure is over; our aftercare support is just as comprehensive.


  1. Follow-Up: We schedule a follow-up appointment to monitor your progress and ensure you are delighted with the results. Our commitment to care makes us a sought-after location for those looking for lip augmentation near me.


By following these steps, Queen of Beauty Clinic guarantees a superior level of service and patient satisfaction for those seeking lip fillers near me in London. We pride ourselves on delivering not just beautiful results but also an exceptional, seamless experience from start to finish.Top of Form

Lip Augmentation Before and After

The journey of enhancing your natural beauty with the lip filler is as exciting as it is transformative. At Queen of Beauty Clinic, we believe in the power of visual proof and the confidence it inspires in our clients. Our lip filler before and after gallery showcases the artistry and precision with which we approach every lip augmentation procedure.


For those considering the popular Russian Lips technique, our Russian Lips before and after images are particularly telling. You’ll see the distinctive lift and heart-shaped voluptuousness that this style brings to the lips, offering a glimpse into the potential for your own aesthetic enhancement.


The lip filler before and after photographs serve as a testament to our expertise and the dramatic yet natural-looking enhancements we achieve. They offer reassurance to those contemplating lip augmentation, providing real-world examples of the transformation that’s both attainable and artfully executed at our clinic.


We invite you to explore the before and after narratives of our clients, which go beyond the visual changes. These stories encapsulate the elevated confidence and satisfaction experienced by those who have entrusted their lip enhancement journey to us.


Whether you’re drawn to the allure of Russian lips before and after or the subtle elegance of our other techniques, the before and after visuals at Queen of Beauty Clinic stand as a promise of the quality and care we dedicate to every individual’s unique beauty goals.

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What can I expect in terms of pain during a lip filler procedure?

While individual tolerance varies, we prioritize your comfort. A topical anesthetic minimizes pain, making it more of a slight discomfort. Post-treatment, any tenderness is usually brief and manageable.

How do I choose between the different lip filler techniques offered at Queen of Beauty Clinic?

Your choice is shaped by your desired outcome and natural lip structure. Our experts will guide you through options like Russian Lips for volume or Cherry Lips for subtlety, ensuring the technique complements your features.

What is the pricing structure for lip augmentation at your clinic?

Our prices, ranging from £130 to £290, reflect the custom nature of our lip augmentations. We provide a transparent cost breakdown during your consultation, with no hidden fees.

How long does a lip filler session take at Queen of Beauty Clinic?

A session lasts about 30 to 60 minutes, including consultation, numbing, the filler application, and aftercare advice, ensuring a thorough yet efficient experience.

Are there any hidden costs associated with lip fillers?

We stand by clear and upfront pricing. The cost discussed during your consultation is all-inclusive, covering the procedure, product, and aftercare.

What should I do if I'm not happy with my lip fillers – can they be adjusted or removed?

Your satisfaction is key. If you’re not pleased with the results, adjustments or reversal of the fillers are possible, thanks to the nature of hyaluronic acid-based products.

Can I see lip filler before and after photos of treatments done at your clinic?

Yes, our gallery displays a variety of before and after cases, including the transformative Russian Lips technique, offering transparency and confidence in our results.

How do I know if I'm a good candidate for lip fillers?

Ideal candidates desire aesthetic enhancement or have age-related changes. We’ll determine your suitability and discuss potential outcomes during your initial consultation.

Will I be able to return to work right after getting lip fillers?

Most clients can resume normal activities immediately, though we suggest a day’s rest if possible due to potential minimal swelling or bruising.

How does Queen of Beauty Clinic ensure the quality and safety of the lip filler materials used?

We use top-grade, FDA-approved fillers and our specialists are well-trained in their application, maintaining the highest standards for safety and quality. 

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