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1:1 Aesthetic Training London

At Queen of Beauty in London, our private 1:1 training offers a unique and personalised learning experience in the field of aesthetic medicine. Our aesthetic academy is dedicated to providing specialised training that directly caters to each practitioner’s individual needs, whether you’re beginning your journey in aesthetics or looking to expand your existing skills.


Our sessions cover a comprehensive range of aesthetic courses, including botox training, lip filler courses, and dermal filler training. The one-on-one setting ensures that you receive focused instruction and practical experience, with immediate feedback from some of the top aesthetic trainers in the industry.


The academy clinic is equipped with modern facilities and technology, creating an ideal environment for trainees to learn and apply their skills safely and effectively. Enrolling in our aesthetic training courses at Queen of Beauty means receiving education that is both in-depth and tailored to real-world applications, preparing you to excel professionally.

Lip Filler Training

At Queen of Beauty, our lip filler training offers an intensive exploration into the art of lip augmentation. This specialised lip filler course equips practitioners with the expertise needed to enhance lip volume and contour, ensuring results that look natural and cater to the individual preferences of each client.


Our lip filler courses are taught by some of the foremost aesthetic trainers globally, who share their extensive knowledge and insights. They provide the latest lip injection techniques, along with valuable tips and tricks that can only come from years of experience in the field. This ensures that our trainees not only learn the basic procedures but also the subtle nuances that distinguish competent practitioners from true artists in cosmetic aesthetics.


The aesthetic training sessions at our academy clinic in London are designed to be hands-on, allowing you to practise and perfect your skills in a state-of-the-art environment. Whether you’re interested in broadening your capabilities with lip filler courses for non-medics or aiming to refine advanced techniques, our lip filler training is comprehensive and detailed.


By completing our lip augmentation course, you’ll gain confidence and competence to perform lip enhancements that satisfy and exceed client expectations. This not only adds a valuable skill to your portfolio but also enhances your ability to succeed in the competitive field of aesthetic medicine.

Face Fillers Training

Face Fillers Training at Queen of Beauty offers a deep dive into the techniques and applications of face fillers to address a variety of aesthetic concerns. This comprehensive aesthetic training course equips you with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to tackle issues like wrinkles, folds, and volume loss, ultimately enabling you to achieve harmonious facial contours and a youthful radiance in your clients.


During the training, you will learn the latest methods and best practices for injecting face fillers, ensuring safe and effective treatments. Our expert aesthetic trainers guide you through the detailed process of assessing client needs and selecting the right type of filler material to achieve desired results. The training also covers the strategic placement of fillers to restore facial symmetry and balance, enhancing the natural beauty of your clients without overcorrection.


Our aesthetic courses are held in our state-of-the-art academy clinic in London, where you will have access to modern facilities and resources. This practical environment allows for immediate application of learned techniques under the supervision of experienced professionals, ensuring that you gain the confidence and skills necessary to perform these procedures independently.


Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to update your skill set or new to the field of cosmetic aesthetics, our training will prepare you to meet and exceed the expectations of your clients with advanced face filler techniques.

All Skin Boosters, Profhilo, Under Eyes + Body Biorevitalization Training

Price: £1500


At Queen of Beauty, elevate your skills with our comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of skin boosters, Profhilo, and biorevitalization techniques. This course is meticulously designed for practitioners looking to master the art of skin rejuvenation, focusing on techniques that revitalise and restore skin to its youthful glow.


This training encompasses the latest advancements in skin care treatments, including skin boosters that hydrate and improve skin elasticity, Profhilo treatments for intense hydration and collagen stimulation, and specialised methods for targeting delicate areas such as under the eyes. Additionally, you’ll learn body biorevitalization techniques that address skin concerns beyond the face, offering comprehensive care that your clients will value.


Our expert aesthetic trainers deliver in-depth lectures and hands-on practice sessions in our state-of-the-art academy clinic. Trainees will gain practical experience with real-world application, learning how to assess individual client needs and tailor treatments effectively. The goal is to not only understand the technical application of these treatments but to also appreciate the science behind product selection and the art of delivering results that clients love.


Invest in this training for £1500, and add a valuable set of services to your aesthetic medicine portfolio, ensuring your expertise remains cutting-edge in an ever-evolving industry. This course promises not just skill enhancement but also a profound understanding of holistic skin health strategies that can significantly enhance your practice.

Collagen Lifting, Sculptra, Poly Lactic Acid Training

Price: £1900


Join us at Queen of Beauty for an advanced training course focusing on Collagen Lifting, Sculptra, and Poly Lactic Acid injections, priced at £1900. This course is designed for practitioners eager to expand their expertise in innovative skin rejuvenation techniques.


Through this training, you will explore advanced methods for collagen lifting and sculpting, utilising Sculptra and poly lactic acid injections. These materials are renowned for their effectiveness in restoring volume, firmness, and elasticity to ageing skin. Our curriculum is structured to help you master the techniques that ensure natural-looking results and promote long-term skin rejuvenation.


Under the guidance of seasoned aesthetic trainers, you will learn how to assess individual ageing concerns and apply these powerful treatments to correct and enhance facial contours. The training includes practical, hands-on sessions where you will apply these techniques under expert supervision, ensuring you gain the confidence and skills needed to perform these procedures independently.


By the end of the course, you will be proficient in delivering treatments that not only improve the aesthetic appearance but also offer substantial benefits in terms of skin health and longevity. This training is an excellent investment for any professional looking to stay at the forefront of the aesthetic medicine field and provide clients with the latest and most effective skin restoration options.

Botox Training: Upper Part of the Face & Advanced Techniques

Botox Upper Part of the Face

  • Price: £1500

Dive into specialised training for Botox injections targeting the upper part of the face at Queen of Beauty. This course, priced at £1500, focuses on advanced techniques including eyebrow lifting, and introduces practitioners to natural-looking results and “baby Botox” applications. Trainees will learn how to refine their technique to achieve subtle enhancements that prevent overcorrection, maintaining a natural expression while reducing signs of ageing.


Advanced Botox

  • Price: £1900

Expand your expertise with our Advanced Botox course, priced at £1900. This comprehensive training covers Botox applications for the entire face, neck, and even body. You will delve into complex procedures and learn how to address more extensive aesthetic concerns, mastering techniques for total rejuvenation. This course provides in-depth knowledge on how to tailor Botox treatments for various areas, ensuring effective results that enhance overall appearance and client satisfaction.

Polynucleotides Training

Price: £500


Enhance your skills with our Polynucleotides Training at Queen of Beauty, available for £500. This 3-hour session is designed to help you master the application of polynucleotides, focusing on advanced techniques that improve skin hydration and elasticity.


The training will provide you with the foundational knowledge and practical skills needed to effectively utilise polynucleotides in treatments, aiming for rejuvenating effects and enhanced skin quality. This concise course is perfect for professionals eager to expand their expertise with new, innovative procedures in aesthetic medicine.

Hair Peptides & Eyebrow Peptides Training

Price: £500


Join us at Queen of Beauty for a focused 3-hour training session on Hair Peptides and Eyebrow Peptides, priced at £500. This course is tailored for aesthetic practitioners who wish to gain expertise in the specialised application of peptides to promote hair and eyebrow growth.


Peptides are becoming increasingly popular in aesthetic treatments due to their ability to stimulate natural biological processes that encourage hair growth and fortification. During this training, you will learn about the different types of peptides suited for hair and eyebrows, their mechanisms of action, and how to apply them effectively to achieve optimal results.


The session includes detailed demonstrations and hands-on practice, allowing you to apply these techniques under the guidance of experienced aesthetic trainers. You will learn how to assess individual client needs, prepare the treatment area, mix and apply peptides, and provide aftercare advice to ensure the best outcomes

Fat Burn Training

Price: £1200


Explore the effective techniques for fat reduction with our Fat Burn Training at Queen of Beauty, priced at £1200. This course is designed to teach you innovative methods to reduce unwanted fat in the face, target the double chin, and sculpt the body, achieving noticeable and lasting improvements.


During the training, you will learn about various non-invasive treatments and technologies that are key to fat reduction. The course covers the science behind fat metabolism, the selection of appropriate techniques for different body and face areas, and the best practices for ensuring effective results. You will gain hands-on experience with the latest tools and procedures that offer a significant reduction in fat while maintaining natural contours.


This comprehensive training will not only increase your proficiency in fat reduction techniques but also enhance your understanding of how to customise treatments based on individual client needs and anatomy. It’s an ideal investment for professionals aiming to broaden their expertise in body contouring and enhance their practice with high-demand services in aesthetic medicine.

Radiesse Training Programs: Advanced and Professional Techniques

Advanced Radiesse

  • Price: £1900

Elevate your skill set with our Advanced Radiesse training, priced at £1900. This course offers an in-depth exploration of Radiesse injections, utilising both needle and cannula techniques to achieve comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Learn to effectively use Radiesse for enhancing facial contours, smoothing out wrinkles, and restoring volume, leading to a more youthful and revitalised appearance.


Professional Radiesse

  • Price: £2500

Take your expertise further with our Professional Radiesse course, priced at £2500. This advanced training goes beyond facial applications, targeting the face, neck, and hands for natural and voluminous results. The course provides extensive hands-on training and also includes detailed instruction on anatomy. Participants gain access to the Queen of Beauty professional book and online presentations, enhancing their learning experience and providing valuable resources for continued education.


Both courses are hosted at our academy clinic in London, offering practical experience with real-time application and feedback from our expert aesthetic trainers. Whether you are looking to refine your technique with the advanced course or seeking comprehensive knowledge with the professional program, our Radiesse training prepares you to deliver exceptional results in aesthetic medicine.

PDO Threads Training: Skin Tightening + Double Chin Removal

Enrol in our specialised training on PDO Threads at Queen of Beauty to master the techniques of skin tightening and targeted double chin removal. This course equips practitioners with the skills needed to enhance facial contours and achieve desired aesthetic outcomes through the strategic use of PDO threads.


The training focuses on the precise application of PDO threads, a minimally invasive method that provides significant improvement in skin texture, firmness, and contouring without the need for surgery. Participants will learn the detailed techniques for inserting threads, specifically targeting areas that benefit from tightening and volume enhancement, including the lower face and neck.


Hands-on sessions are a key component of this course, allowing trainees to practise the techniques under the guidance of experienced aesthetic trainers. This practical approach ensures that each practitioner can confidently assess client needs, design effective treatment plans, and execute PDO thread procedures with precision, providing clients with safe, effective, and lasting results. This training is ideal for professionals seeking to expand their service offerings with advanced non-surgical aesthetic solutions.

Jamber Threads Training: Miracle Face Lifting + Under Eyes Regeneration

Delve into the innovative world of Jamber Threads at Queen of Beauty, where you will learn to master the art of face lifting and under-eye regeneration. This training offers a comprehensive approach to using Jamber Threads, a cutting-edge technique known for providing significant aesthetic improvements with results that can last up to 2 years.


The course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to effectively apply Jamber Threads for both facial rejuvenation and targeted under-eye treatment. Trainees will explore the specific methodologies that enable the lifting and tightening of facial skin, along with precise techniques to address under-eye concerns such as puffiness, wrinkles, and hollows.


Throughout the training, you will gain practical skills through live demonstrations and practice sessions, ensuring you become proficient in delivering these transformative treatments. Our expert aesthetic trainers will guide you every step of the way, from patient assessment to post-treatment care, emphasising the best practices for achieving natural-looking, long-lasting results.

Advanced Professional Training Course

Participants have the flexibility to attend specific days of our Advanced Professional Training Course tailored to their interests and needs:


  • Lips (All Techniques): Available for 2 days, priced at £2300. This intensive session covers all lip enhancement techniques.
  • Full Face: Priced at £3000, this training focuses on comprehensive facial aesthetic techniques.
  • Lips + Face: A combined 2-day session priced at £3600, offering extensive hands-on experience in both lip and full face treatments.


Advanced Basic Training Options

For those looking for foundational skills, our Advanced Basic Training provides:

  • Lips: Single-day training for £1600, focusing on basic lip enhancement techniques.
  • Full Face: Priced at £2200, covering essential aesthetic practices for the entire face.
  • Face + Lips: A combined session over 2 days, priced at £2800, perfect for those who wish to integrate lip and full facial treatments effectively.


Advanced Private Training

  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Price: £3900
    Delve deeper into aesthetic medicine with our Advanced Private Training. This 3-day course is designed to enhance your skills and expertise in aesthetic procedures extensively. Customise your training experience to match your professional goals and unlock your full potential in the dynamic field of aesthetics.
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What qualifications are needed to enrol in the aesthetic courses at Queen of Beauty?

At Queen of Beauty, we welcome a diverse group of participants to our aesthetic training academy, including licensed medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and licensed aestheticians. Some courses, particularly those involving botox training or dermal filler training, may require prior experience or credentials due to the advanced nature of the procedures.

Are the training sessions at Queen of Beauty accredited?

Yes, all our training sessions, including those in botox courses, lip filler courses, and other cosmetic courses, are accredited. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion, affirming their proficiency in the latest aesthetic techniques and treatments.

How long are the training courses at the academy?

The duration of our courses at the aesthetics academy London varies depending on the complexity and depth of the training. For instance, sessions on botox and filler courses can be as brief as a few hours for a basic overview, or extend to full-day workshops for more intensive training.

What type of hands-on experience will participants gain during their training?

Trainees will engage in extensive hands-on practice under the guidance of seasoned aesthetic trainers. Our practical training includes live demonstrations and the opportunity to apply techniques on models, ensuring that every trainee gains confidence and real-world experience in procedures such as botox injections and lip enhancements.

Can international practitioners participate in your training courses?

International practitioners are indeed welcome to join our aesthetic training courses. We recommend that non-UK residents check with their local licensing bodies to ensure that our certification will be recognized in their home countries.

What safety measures are in place during the training sessions?

At Queen of Beauty, we prioritise the safety of both our trainees and trainers. Our academy clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art safety equipment, and we adhere strictly to all health and hygiene protocols, including the use of PPE and sterilisation practices, particularly during sensitive sessions like botox training courses or filler courses.

Is there post-training support available to participants?

After completing their training at our aesthetics training academy, participants have access to ongoing support, which includes online resources, further reading materials, and the possibility to consult with our trainers. This ensures they remain updated on the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine and continue to develop their skills.

How often are the aesthetic training courses offered?

Our courses, including aesthetic training near me options, are scheduled throughout the year. The frequency of specific sessions, such as botox training for non-medics or advanced lip filler training, can vary, so we advise checking our website or contacting us directly for the latest scheduling information.

What is the typical class size for your training sessions?

To maintain a high standard of learning and ensure individual attention, we keep our class sizes small. This approach is critical, especially in intricate training involving aesthetic courses near me, where personalised feedback is vital.

Can I train in multiple aesthetic procedures at your academy?

Absolutely. We encourage our trainees to broaden their expertise by enrolling in multiple courses. Whether you are interested in botox courses near me, lip augmentation courses, or exploring advanced aesthetics training, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of aesthetic treatments.

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